Chrysler Plans Big Investment in Michigan Plants

Chrysler recently reaffirmed its commitment to keeping its production activities going in the United States. That means the big automaker is pouring more investment money into its production plants in states like Michigan. This particular round of investments will be focusing on facilities that create the engines found in vehicles spanning their entire fleet.

There are currently two facilities in Michigan the will share responsibility for manufacturing the TigerShark engine which can be found on Chrysler Group vehicles such as the Dart, Cherokee and even the Chrysler 100 as a potential option for the future. The two plants will maintain a mutual relationship where one facility will be responsible for manufacturing the machine cranks, heads, and engine blocks, that will then be transported to the other plant where the rest of the manufacturing process will be completed.

The Chrysler Group has pledged an investment of $53 Million that the company believes will be able to create nearly 300 new jobs to ultimately be spread between both facilities. The ultimate goal for the Chrysler Group is that everything will be operationally sound about a month from now on September 30th.

The facilities responsible for creating the TigerShark engine are also responsible for the manufacture of other well-known Chrysler engines such as the Pentastar V-6  that can be found on the popular Chrysler 300.

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