Ram 1500 Makes Back-to-Back Victories Look Easy

How difficult is it to win Motor Trend Truck of the Year twice? We'll answer that query with another question: Do you remember the episode of Seinfeld where Kramer promised a little boy that Paul O'Neil would hit two homeruns for him? O'Neil's response, of course, was "It's hard to hit home runs. And where the heck did you get two from?" Yeah, it's kinda like that.

In fact, getting that resounding nod from Motor Trend is so difficult that up until last year, it had never been two times in a row. That is, until the 2014 Ram 1500 came along.  Check in with Editor-in-Chief, Edward Loh, below to hear exactly how the 1500 got it done with back-to-back base-clearers.

OK, so you've heard from to reigning boss over at Motor Trend, but to learn what you like about the 1500, you've got to drive one in Amityville, NY. Some come on into Security Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram and see if this ride is a slugger in your book, too.

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