New Dodge Long Island Area – 2019 Dodge Charger for Sale in Amityville NY Long Island

Long Island Area – 2019 Dodge Charger

Long Island Area - 2019 Dodge Charger
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Vehicle Overview

This new Dodge Charger is more potent than both its Dodge predecessors and its erstwhile rivals. To achieve this, Dodge has upgraded the propulsion system which relies primarily on its impressive eight-speed automatic transmission which was revised especially for the occasion for the release of the 2019 model of this automobile. The Dodge car is also able to rely on its large tires which provide a stable base for the Charger to combine with its especially potent engine. This Dodge vehicle for 2019 is also able to use a range of electronic aids which are primarily dedicated to facilitating the automobile when it launches from a stationary start. One of the essential electronic aids which have been mainly designed to boost the power of the Charger is the switch called the “Launch Control” which the driver can readily activate via an electronic control system that is conveniently located in a central position on the dashboard of this car.

Long Island NY - 2019 Dodge Charger's Overview

Exterior – 2019 Dodge Charger

Aesthetically, the new style of the Charger for the year 2019 distinguishes this speed demon from a classic Charger. However, the manufacturer was smart, and they kept all the best design elements from the classic Dodge while still updating this old beast for the year 2019. The Charger’s new and more fanciful style is perfect for urban driving, and the attractive modern design of the chassis will cause all of the people who see this car to be immediately impressed. If you desire to make all of your neighbors jealous, then you should buy this Dodge car today. If the majority of the Chargers on the road today have a standard color, it is nevertheless still possible for a driver to purchase this Dodge in a much more stylish and striking color. For example, you can get the Charger with a stereotypical 70’s style bright orange-red paint job if you so desire.

Long Island NY - 2019 Dodge Charger's Exterior

Interior – 2019 Dodge Charger

The interior of the Dodge Charger has a certain level of charm that will make you fall in love with it at first sight. Its perfect vocal qualities, its smooth lines, and its one of a kind atmosphere all combine to make this Charger an endearing car. With a cabin style that will recall in many onlookers some of the most famous muscle cars from the ’60s, the manufacturer has revived the Charger by taking advantage of the recent and popular neo-retro wave.

Long Island NY - 2019 Dodge Charger's Interior

Mechanical – Dodge Charger specs on Long Island

As for the potent force provided by the engine, it’s awe-inspiring. As soon as the driver presses down on the pedal the car will dart forward, the engine will shout with its loud voice, and all of the different occupants of the automobile will be immediately pressed against the backs of their seats. This car screams violently, with a typical American muscle car clamor, you can test this vehicle to all sorts of different limits, and if you decide to you can push the RPMs on the needle right off of the tachometer all the way into the glove compartment. As we speak, you should at present have some knowledge of a number of the numerous marvelous elements provided by this astonishing 2019 Dodge Charger. I am sure you’re now planning to operate a 2019 Dodge Charger on Long Island. If that is the case, then the primary location where you ought to attempt operating this mode of transportation is at Security Dodge. This venture is a Long Island Dodge dealership that focuses primarily on serving Amityville Westbury Massapequa.

Long Island NY - 2019 Dodge Charger's Mechanical
Powertrain – Dodge Charger specs on Long Island NY

When you drive this car, the first thing that you’ll likely notice is that the engine is rumbling all the time. You will probably also quickly realize that you don’t even have to press on the accelerator very hard because you’ll be amazed at how this automobile will leap forward with the lightest touch on the gas pedal. On bends, the chassis movements of this impressive vehicle are quite well contained, and this car can even handle the bumpiest of rural roads. One of the most surprising things about this fabulous automobile is that the Charger’s engineers have figured out a way to make sure that the agility of this terrific vehicle is not gravely penalized by the significant weight of the mighty machine.

Safety – 2019 Dodge Charger dealer

As for the parking maneuvers, they are frankly not tricky. This car also has some good rear visibility, and the vehicle is easy to handle. These models are also well equipped when it comes to safety features. The engineers had taken advantage of all the different modern technological and design advantages available when they designed the sporty 2019 Dodge Charger. Now I’m sure you’re at this moment looking forward to making use of a 2019 Dodge Charger on Long Island. If that happens to be the situation, it follows that the principal site in which you should consider using this vehicle is at Security Dodge. This enterprise is a Long Island Dodge dealership that concentrates predominantly on serving Amityville Westbury Massapequa.


At present, you should now understand a few of the many outstanding attributes offered by this fabulous 2019 Dodge Charger. Perhaps you would like to drive a 2019 Dodge Charger on Long Island. If so, then the only place you should try driving this motor vehicle is at Security Dodge. This business is a Long Island Dodge dealership that focuses on serving Amityville Westbury Massapequa.
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